Things are really starting to shape up, we finally have walls! It’s been really interesting seeing the progress over the last couple of weeks. First there was nothing, then a foundation, now walls. We’ve been a little surprised how tall the foundation was (we had to have a raised one to appease the Historic Design Review Commission) plus the fact that we are on a hill makes the house looks tall overall. Now that we see the 10′ first floor walls going up, the whole house will probably be a bit bigger than expected but we still love the design. Anyways, enough talking here are some pictures!


Here is the temporary table they are using to get a good luck at the plans as well as hold their tools.


Here is a good view of the block, to give you perspective the block is about 10″ thick. It is made out of a mixture of styrofoam (about 75%) and concrete which gives it a high insulation value. The holes in the block will have rebar and conduit added for the electric and then filled with concrete.


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