Building has started!

It’s been a long time since we updated, but a lot has been done. We had some snags in the beginning.. Needing to get the plans changed for our blocks, which required some rework for the structural engineer, plus some extra time for permitting, and being on vacation when they wanted to review the lot clearing. But we’ve finally started! The foundation form is in and they connected the drain pipes to the city yesterday. The foundation is supposed to be put in next week, which we’re very excited about.

greenboroGreenboro is our builder. We’ve been very happy with them so far. I think I’ve said before the main reason we went with them is that it felt like a partnership from the very beginning. They sat with me and went through the plans, suggesting things to help fit our budget and style. They were also accommodating with the blocks, helping identify key partners and doing a lot of research for us. They’ve also won some awards and have done some infill projects closer to the Alamodome. More to come as we go through the process with us.

As for the actual construction, that is coming a long way. We were really surprised how much was done between Thursday and today. As the builder has told us, the next month or so will seem to go really fast and then it’ll slow down as they move to the finish out inside. The overall foundation size will be about 1300 square feet, with 250 of that being a back porch.

wastewaterHere you can see the waste water connection, luckily they didn’t have to tear up the sidewalk to get to it. You can also see the foundation form that they’ve put in, it’ll be ready for the pouring next week hopefully. Can’t wait!

As things start to pick up we will be posting more and include a lot of pictures 🙂


2 responses to “Building has started!

  1. Looks awesome. Glad I can follow your progress!

  2. Very exciting. Looking forward too seeing it go up.

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