Get ready Dignowity, we’re moving in!

I’ve always enjoyed reading about progress in development around downtown and about house building in general, so I figured I’d give something back by posting about our experiences as we move through the progress in the historic neighborhood of Dignowity Hill on San Antonio’s near east side. The plan is to give periodic updates about the design, approval and building process in the journey to build our new house in this great historic neighborhood just east of downtown San Antonio!

Going into the project we have a couple of main goals in mind:

  1. Design a house that we can grow into–spending the last few years in a condo close to work has been great, but we want to move into a place that will have room to grow, have a great yard for potential pup, and enough room for crafts.
  2. Be modern but fit into the historic neighborhood–I would describe myself as liking modern design and clean lines but we want to mix that into the awesome character of the hood.
  3. Take advantage of downtown views–we’re less than a mile from the Alamo, you can see the Tower of the Americas from the backyard, we plan to have many windows and a second story deck to enjoy the views.
  4. Build it green–there are a ton of great eco-friendly options out there, so we want to take advantage of building from the ground up and include them where it makes sense.

Speaking of green building, we just got our first green sample product in, the Cresco Liteblok:



I’ve always been interested in the idea concrete building materials but think that poured concrete and solid concrete blocks have some major downfalls. So far the Liteblok seems interesting, it seems like it could be a good choice to get the concrete-like benefits (fire resistance, durability, vermin resistant) while also having great environmental cred for insulating so well. Once we get some structural analysis done of the site we can figure out if they’re a real option.

Coming next, the lot selection.. Where’s Dignowity Hill, why did we choose it, what do we think of it so far and more!


2 responses to “Get ready Dignowity, we’re moving in!

  1. Could you share any info/reasons on why you ended up not going with the Liteblok solution? We’ve been looking at those and they seem like a great direction..

    • Hi Tim, thanks for reading the blog. A lot of progress has been made, I need to give an update. The main reason we didn’t do Liteblok is I couldn’t find a local structural engineer in my area who had worked with it before. I was concerned with getting through the city planning office with someone who was unfamiliar or someone who was familiar but didn’t know my area or the builder I was going with. Liteblok and Eterna Block are pretty different concepts and I think both are good. If I was doing this out of the country and building myself I would have probably gone with Liteblok but I’m very happy with how Eterna has worked and the company itself seems great (they came out from Arizona for the install of the block).

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